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Discover Exquisite Gold-Plated Jewelry by Rommanel

Experience Sensitivity, Delicacy, and Innovation: At Rommanel, these values are our guiding stars in crafting exquisite jewelry that transcends boundaries and celebrates moments.

Craftsmanship: Our jewelry is meticulously designed and manufactured to reflect our commitment to excellence. We specialize in crafting pieces plated with 18K Gold and Platinum using the advanced electroplating technique. Additionally, we offer collections in Stainless Steel and 925 Silver.

18K Gold Plating

Each piece undergoes a meticulous process, receiving three layers of gold. This meticulous layering ensures the transformation of the metal into stunning gold-plated jewelry, reflecting unparalleled beauty

Platinum Plating

Our Platinum plating begins with a layer of Palladium, renowned for its resistance to oxidation and wear. Subsequently, the jewelry receives a coating of noble Platinum, boasting a brilliant white hue and an enduring shine.

Stainless Steel

Crafted from a specialized Stainless Steel alloy, Rommanel Stainless Steel models exude exceptional luster and remain resistant to color changes, ensuring lasting brilliance.

925 Silver

Our Silver jewelry, crafted from a 925 Silver alloy (92.5% pure silver), is plated with pure silver, providing an added layer of protection. This meticulous process results in the highest quality of silver jewelry available in the market.

The Rommanel Difference

All our jewelry is 100% nickel-free, making it hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitivities. Experience luxury without compromise and cherish every moment with Rommanel.