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Ever wondered how Rommanel came to be? It all started back in 1986, with a vision cherished by its founders. They dreamt of making a difference by crafting the best gold-plated jewelry that could transform lives. Through a journey marked by collaboration and steadfast partnerships, Rommanel has woven a tale of dedication, centered on quality and integrity, paving the way for countless opportunities for all who engage with it.

This dream has blossomed into a renowned brand, carrying a diverse collection of over 3,500 jewelry designs. With 324 stores spread across Brazil and an international headquarters in Miami, FL, Rommanel has become an integral part of the lives of numerous entrepreneurs. Not just confined to Brazil, our products have found their way into the hearts of customers in the USA and over 15 other countries. Together, we spread beauty and empowerment across the globe!


At our core, we're a company driven by innovation and a passion for fostering entrepreneurship. We're all about setting trends and bringing people together. Our mission? To transform everyday moments into unforgettable memories through meticulously crafted products that radiate care and affection. We prioritize beauty and female self-esteem every step of the way.

But our purpose goes beyond mere commerce. We're here to make a difference—to touch lives, build connections, and spark inspiration. Our goal is to empower individuals to reach their full potential, encouraging growth and the pursuit of dreams


The butterfly, with its lightness, grace, and beauty, stands as a symbol of rebirth, echoing the intrinsic qualities found in Rommanel jewelry. Its vibrant wings, painted with multiple hues, represent creativity and a harmonious relationship with nature. Much like the flower, the butterfly adds beauty to the world around us, embodying life's capacity to enhance nature's splendor. Rommanel, inspired by the butterfly, upholds a deep respect for nature and the environment


At Rommanel, we're all about quality and commitment. Our manufacturing line boasts top-notch technology, ensuring high-quality products every time. But it's not just about the machines—we rely on skilled professionals who stay current with the latest market trends. This dedication allows us to offer the best gold-plated jewelry on the market.